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Address:                       Little Flyers After School Club Stokenchurch Youth and Community Centre Bartholomew Tipping Way Stokenchurch High Wycombe HP14 3RX


Little Flyers Pre-School & Wrap Around Care
Little Flyers Pre-School & Wrap Around Care

Book a session

 A visit to our setting prior to attendance is recommended.


Permanent booking of sessions is highly recommended as adhoc sessions are subject to space.


Where space allows, additional sessions may be booked via our links below.  Sessions should be booked and paid for prior to attendance unless you are  on a contract then payment is required at the end of each month once your invoice is sent.    


We try to be as flexible as possible but we are governed by Ofsted regulations and need to ensure that we have the correct staff to children ratio at all times. This is essential for the welfare of all the children in our care.


To register your child with us please complete the above registration process on our online booking system :


Little Flyers Pre-School


We would recommend that you enter a contract to guarantee a space. However, we do also take adhoc bookings if you need additional days but this is for registered children only.



Summer Term 2024 (15th April 2024 to 22nd July 2024) - Booking Link: https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=7935&t=2024-04-15


Autumn Term 2024 (6th September 2024 to 20th December 2024) - Booking Link: https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=7935





After School Club - Stokenchurch Primary School



https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2672 (Summer Term 24)


https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2672&t=2024-09-06 (Autumn Term 24/25)



After School Club - Radnage & West Wycombe Schools




https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=3426 - (Summer Term 24) 


https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=3426&t=2024-09-06 (Autumn 24/25)


After School Club - Cadmore End School


https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=contract-request&id=12319 - (Autumn 24/25)






Breakfast Club - For Stokenchurch School & Pre-School

https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2671 (Summer Term 24)


https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2671&t=2024-09-06 (Autumn Term 24/25)






Little Flyers Holiday Club 


  • May Half Term - CLOSED
  • SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2024, 24 July 2024 - 16 August 2024


  • October Half Term 2024, 28th October 2024 - 1st November 2024
  • Christmas Holiday Club - CLOSED
  • February Half Term 2025, 17 February 2024 - 21 February 2024
  • Easter Holidays 2025, 7 April 2025 - 11 April 2025
  • May Half Term - CLOSED
  • SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2024, 24 July 2025 - 15 August 2025



https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2840&t=2024-07-24 -  SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2024 (24th July 2024 to 16th August 2024)

https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2840&t=2024-10-27 - OCTOBER HALF TERM 2024/25 (28th October 2024 to 1st November 2024)

https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2840&t=2025-02-17 - FEBRUARY 2025 (17 February 2025 to 21st February 2025)

https://littleflyersafterschoolclub.kidsclubhq.co.uk/rdr?u=book&id=2840&t=2025-04-07 - EASTER HOLIDAY 2025 (7th April 2025 to 11th April 2025)


SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2025 (24th July 2025 to 15th August 2025)


Please note: We will not be able to accept children that haven't been pre-booked so please plan ahead to avoid disappointment. 

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